Newstart Canada Proudly Operates as a Certified B Corporation

To us, this means we’ve made a commitment to social and environmental good. To you, this means a higher standard of accountability and transparency.

To view our official profile on the B Corp website click here. Newstart Canada was created as a boutique lender in response to the needs of a growing segment of Canadians who require a vehicle loan but have been turned down by traditional financial institutions because of poor or damaged credit. Newstart Canada is an auto-leasing and finance company committed to delivering cars and credit to this large segment of Canadians. Newstart Canada services the growing market in Ontario of individuals who are self-employed, single parents, new immigrants, bankrupt, have no credit, or damaged credit. These people often require a vehicle to get to and from work and can have difficulty finding financing through traditional channels. Newstart is 100% focused on client satisfaction and improving our clients’ credit score. This is why Newstart calls itself a “Social Lender”. Recently due to the growing demand for loans, Newstart Canada Inc. has opened a branch office in Nova Scotia and plans to expand with offices across Canada. We became a B Corporation to enhance our commitment to be a socially and environmentally responsible organization helping those individuals who are in need. We draw meaning and satisfaction from our conviction that we provide a valuable service to our clients and the community.

The Change We Seek®

Newstart Canada Inc. believes that people come first. The goal at Newstart Canada is our commitment to help people who want to be helped. Bad credit or no credit does not have to be a life-sentence. Newstart Canada wants to be “your stepping stone to better credit” and help you get your credit history back to where it should be.